xXx Security Service


Security Service

To offer our customers an increasingly broad and qualified service, xXx Security Service introduced within the agency in a position to provide the service supervisory division by authorized personnel in accordance with
Art. 134 T.U.L.P.S.

Thanks to modern and efficient organizational structure, complying with all the arrangements provided for by the legislation, the agency is in a position to provide, in the areas for which it is in possession of the relevant authorization, a series of supervisory and control services between wherein:

  • Armed vigilance and stakeout
  • Night / day inspection patrols
  • Shoplifting
  • Training

Investigation service, prevention and security:

XXX Security Service has been leader in the Security, Prevention and Privacy fields for longer than 20 years.

The Agency takes care of preserving its customer’s interests creating a mutual confidence helpful to achieve the assigned tasks.

The Agency field of action covers the whole security and investigation world using qualified and continuously trained personnel ensuring a top quality service to our customers.

The Agency versatility allows to meet customized requests both aimed at international and domestic customers but ensuring our professionalism which has been always our trademark.

Other than our passion for this job our customer’s satisfaction is our best reward



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